3 Easy Ways to Batch Open Multiple Hyperlinks in Your Excel

If you’d like to batch open multiple hyperlinks in Excel, you can refer to this article. Here we’ll introduce you 3 handy methods. Each of them has its pros and cons. You can choose any as per your needs.

In some cases, when viewing an Excel file that consists of lots of hyperlinks, you may wish to batch open multiple hyperlinks. If there are only three or so links to be opened, you can just use the Method 1 below. Yet, if you want to batch open all links in your wanted ranges, you can use Method 2 instead. Of course, sometimes, you may wish to batch open all links scattered around the entire workbook. Then, you can use the last way.

Method 1: Manually Open Hyperlinks One by One

To open a hyperlink in a cell manually, you can directly click on the cell. Hence, if there are not too many hyperlinks to be opened, you can click on the cells to open the hyperlinks one by one.Click Cell to Open a Hyperlink

Method 2: Batch Open Hyperlinks in Selected Ranges

Yet, at times, you wish to batch open all the hyperlinks in the selected ranges. In this case, you can actually make use of the following VBA code.

  1. First off, trigger VBA editor in the current Excel file according to “How to Run VBA Code in Your Excel“.
  2. Then, put the following code into a module or project.
Sub BatchOpenHyperLinks_SelectedRanges()
    Dim objSelectedRange As Excel.Range
    Dim objHyperlink As Excel.Hyperlink

    'Get selected ranges
    Set objSelectedRange = Excel.Application.Selection
    For Each objHyperlink In objSelectedRange.Hyperlinks
End Sub

VBA Code - Batch Open Hyperlinks in Selected Ranges

  1. After that, add this macro to Quick Access Toolbar or ribbon.
  2. Finally, you can select the desired ranges and click the macro button.Select Ranges and Run Macro
  3. At once, all the hyperlinks in the selected ranges will be opened in the default internet browser.Opened Selected Hyperlinks

Method 3: Batch Open All Hyperlinks in a Workbook

Sometimes, you may want to open all the hyperlinks in a workbook, no matter in which worksheet. In this situation, you can use the VBA code instead.

  1. At first, put the following code into a module or project in VBA editor.
Sub BatchOpenHyperLinks_Workbook()
    Dim objWorksheet As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim objSelectedRange As Excel.Range
    Dim objHyperlink As Excel.Hyperlink

    'Process each worksheet
    For Each objWorksheet In ThisWorkbook.Sheets
        For Each objHyperlink In objWorksheet.Hyperlinks
End Sub

VBA Code - Batch Open All Hyperlinks in a Workbook

  1. Then, press “F5” to run this macro right now.
  2. Immediately, all the hyperlinks in each worksheet will be opened.All Hyperlinks in the Workbook Are Opened

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