2 Ways to Batch Insert Multiple Pictures into Your Word Document via Mail Merge

In this article, there are 2 effectual ways for you to batch insert multiple pictures into your Word document via mail merge.

When create credentials, we often need to insert pictures. However, we can’t possibly insert pictures into Excel file directly, thus while using mail merge in Word, it’s unlikely to get the corresponding images. To solve this issue, the following 2 methods are exactly what you will need.

Method 1: Place Picture Location into Excel File

  1. First and foremost, in your source Excel file, insert a new column to put the location of your pictures. And remember to replace the “\” in file path with “\\”, such as below:Insert a Column for File Location in Excel File
  2. Then open Word and finish all other editing.
  3. Click “Mailings” tab.
  4. Then click “Select Recipients” and choose “Use Existing List”.Click "Mailings" ->Click "Select Recipients" ->Click "Use Existing List"
  5. Now in the “Select Data Source” window, select the file and click “Open”.Select File ->Click "Open"
  6. Next, click “OK” in “Confirm Data Source” dialog box.
  7. Then in “Select Table” dialog box, select the right worksheet and click “OK”.Select Sheet ->Click "OK"
  8. Now place cursor at the position where picture should go and click “Insert” tab.
  9. Next click “Quick Parts” and choose “Field”.Click "Insert" ->Click "Quick Parts" ->Click "Field"
  10. In “Field” dialog box, choose “IncludePicture” for field name.
  11. Then in “Field properties” text box, enter anything, such as “pic” here.
  12. Click “OK”.Select "IncludePicture" ->Enter Field Property ->Click "OK"
  13. Now you can’t see the picture. Click on the picture and press “Alt+ F9” to toggle to field codes.Display Error
  14. Select the “pic” you just input and click “Mailings” tab.
  15. Then click “Insert Merge Field” and choose the right field. In this case, it shall be “Pic”.Select pic ->Click "Mailings" ->Click "Insert Merge Field" ->Choose the Right Field
  16. Press “Alt+ F9” to toggle field codes and you still can’t see the picture now. However, you can still resize the picture.
  17. After this, click “Finish& Merge” under “mailings” tab.
  18. Then choose “Edit Individual Documents”.Click "Finish& Merge" ->Choose "Edit Individual Documents"
  19. Next, click “OK” in “Merge to New Document” dialog box.Click "OK"
  20. Now press “Ctrl+ A” and press “F9”. You shall see the picture then.Effect

Method 2: Place Picture Name into Excel File

  1. First, place all picture in one file folder and make sure they are of the same file format, such as the “.jpg” file.
  2. This time in Excel file, you should place picture name instead its location there.Picture Name
  3. Repeat from step 2 to 7 in method 1 to finish inserting other fields.
  4. Then place cursor at the positon for picture.
  5. Press “Ctrl+ F9” to insert a field. Between the field brackets, enter IncludePicture “C:\\test\\.jpg”. The “C:\\test\\” refers to the picture location.Enter Field Codes
  6. Next put cursor right before “.jpg” and click “Insert Merge Field” and then choose right field.
  7. Now you will find the field is invisible. You can press “Alt+ F9” to check the field codes.Check Field Codes
  8. Repeat from step 17 to 20 in method 1.

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