3 Effective Ways to Create Two Separate Columns in Your Word Document

In this article, we will demonstrate you 3 effective ways to create a two-column Word document where the first column text is independent of the second one.

Naturally, when we create a document in columns, the text of the first column is always linked to that of the next one on the same page. Yet, in some cases, we may need to connect it to the first column text on next page. For example, to compile a translation work in bilateral languages will need to set the source contents and targeted translation in parallel columns on one page. Besides, some people could just prefer to make notes on the column next to the body text.

Luckily, the following 3 methods will enable you to achieve that goal.

Method 1: Insert a Table

  1. First and foremost, click “Insert” tab.
  2. Then click “Table”.
  3. On the drop-down menu, choose a table in size of one row and two columns. Click "Insert" ->Click "Table"-> Click"Draw a Table"
  4. Next, click the plus sign on the upper-left corner to select the table.
  5. Right click and choose “Table Properties”.Select Table ->Choose "Table Properties"
  6. Now click “Row” tab first.
  7. And ensure the “Specify height” box is cleared and the “Allow row to break across pages” box is checked.
  8. Then click “OK”.Click "Row" ->Clear the "Specify height" Box ->Check the "Allow row to break across pages" Box ->Click  "OK"
  9. You can click and drag the line between 2 columns to adjust the column width.Drag the Line to Adjust Column Width
  10. Then select the table again.
  11. Right click and choose “AutoFit”.
  12. Then choose “Fixed Column Width” on the extend menu.Choose "AutoFit" ->Choose "Fixed Column Width"
  13. If you want no border for the table, just select it and click “Borders” under “Design” tab. Then choose “No Border”.Click "Design" ->Click "Borders" ->Click "No Border"

Method 2: Insert Linked Text Boxes

  1. First off, open a new document.
  2. Then click “Insert” and click “Blank Page” to insert a new page.Click "Insert" ->Click "Blank Page"
  3. Now go back to the first page and click “Text Box” under “Insert” tab.
  4. Choose “Draw Text Box”.Click "Text Box" ->Click "Draw Text Box"
  5. Next draw 2 text boxes on the first page, with one on the left and another on the right. Here we just name them A1 and B1.
  6. Repeat step 2 to insert another new page that is page 3. This is to guarantee that you can always to insert a new page on a blank page without cut the link between text boxes.
  7. On page 2, draw 2 text boxes. Here we name them A2 and B2.
  8. Make sure all text boxes are empty. Now click on text box A1 and then click “Create Link” under “Format” tab.Click "Format" ->Click "Create Link"
  9. You shall observe that the cursor changes to a shape like teapot. Go to click on the text box you want to link. In this case, it’s text box A2. And then use the same way to link text boxes on the other side, such as B1 and B2. When the first text box is full, contents will automatically flow to the linked one.
  10. To remove box lines, you can right click on text box line and choose “Format Shape”. Then choose “No line” under “Line Color” and close the “Format Shape” dialog box.Choose "Line Color" ->Click "No line" ->Click "Close"

Method 3: Use Text Box in a Two-column Document

For those documents which have the final contents settled, you can take method 3.

  1. At first, click “Page Setup” tab and then click “Columns”.
  2. Next choose “Two” to set the document in 2 columns.Click "Page Setup" ->Click "Columns" ->Click "Two"
  3. Now put cursor at the end of the first column on the first page and click “Insert” tab.
  4. Then click “Page Break”. You shall see the second column text on first page just jump to the left on the second page, leaving the right side of the first page in blank.Click "Insert" ->Click "Page Break"
  5. Apply the same way to move the second column on second page to the left side on the third page, and so on. The aim is to keep the right side of all pages in empty.
  6. Then you can insert text box on the right side of each page and link them by taking steps in method 2.

Manage Long Word Documents

Due to all reasons, processing long documents is inevitable in office work. Since we know Word is susceptible to corruption, long files just increase its risk of being compromised. Thus, to back up files on a regular routine seems never more important. It allows you to turn to the latest version of data in case Word damage happens.

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  1. In Method-3, what to do after step 6? It is not clear on the end-result. Please help. I do English to Chinese translation for long documents.

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