2 Solutions to Make Your Word Document Look Same on Different Computers

This article is devoted to showing you 2 solutions to make your word document look same on different computers.

There are times when you create a word document in one computer and apply a quite unique font for it. So your file will look attractive. However, what if you open the Word file on another computer in which there is no such font type you used? Doubtlessly, your file look can be less desirable.

Then how can you ensure your Word document look the same on different computers? It’s absolutely fine to download the exact type of font. But most of time we will be bothered to download a certain font just for one document. Thus, we offer you 2 different solutions here to address this issue.

Solution 1: Embed a Font in Your File

For instance, we here create a sample file with “STZhongsong” font applied, such as below:Sample File with STZhongsong Font Applied

  1. To begin with, click “File” tab when you finish a Word file.
  2. Then choose “Options”.Click "File" ->Click "Options"
  3. In the “Word Options” dialog box open, click “Save” option on the left-side first.
  4. Next, move to the bottom part on the right side to check “Embed fonts in the file” box.
  5. If the file to send requires no more editing, you can also choose to check “Embed only the characters used in the document (best for reducing file size)” box.
  6. Finally, click “OK” button to save your change.Click "Save" ->Check "Embed fonts in the file" Box ->Click "OK"

Now if we open the file on another computer, we will get the following effect:Effect of Embedding Font in the File

Solution 2: Choose a Substituted Font

This solution is best used when you happen to forget the exact font type or don’t want to download one. Here are detailed steps:

  1. Firstly, open the Word file. Still we use the sample file in solution 1 as an example. And you shall see the document font changes, though it still shares the same font name.File Font Changes When Open on Another Computer
  2. Then click “File” tab.
  3. Next click “Options” too.
  4. Only in “Word Options” dialog box, you click “Advanced” this time.
  5. Then scroll down to “Show document content” page.
  6. Next click “Font Substitution” button.Click "Advanced" ->Click "Font Substitution"
  7. Now the “Font Substitution” dialog box will pop up. First you choose the miss document font.
  8. Second you need to choose a substitution from the “Substituted font” list box. Here we will choose “Default”.
  9. Then click “OK”.Click the Missing Document Font ->Choose a Substituted Font ->Click "OK"
  10. And remember to click “OK” in “Word Options” dialog box, too.

Now you can see the text with substituted font as below:Text with Substituted Font

You may also notice that the font name hasn’t been changed. If you want to change it, you can click “Convert Permanently” button in “Font Substitution” dialog box.

Comparison of 2 Solutions

Solutions Advantages Disadvantages
Embed a Font in Your File 1.         Your document will look exact the same on another computer without the target font embedded.

2.         There is an option allowing you to reduce file size.

3.         When open the file on another computer without the specific font installed, you can still continue to use the font.

4.         You don’t have to download a font.

1.         The fonts you embedded must be TrueType or OpenType.

2.         The file with a font embedded can be larger in size.

Choose a Substituted Font 1.         You can make the document font look like the original one as possible as you can without the bother to download a font.

2.         You don’t have to worry about the file size since a substituted font will not change the size.

3.         You don’t have to download a font.

4.         You are able to convert the font to another one permanently.

You may fail to find a substituted font very similar to the missing one, which can compromise the result.


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