2 Quick Methods to Input Duplicate Column Headers in Excel

The worksheets in Excel allow you to classify and manage statistics in a better manner. Hence today we recommend the Excel tips of inputting duplicate column headers in this article.

In each Excel worksheet, you can input your data and information. Sometimes in an Excel file, you need to set several similar worksheets. For example, in this image, you can see that there are 6 classes in total.6 Classes for Excel Tips

And now you need to input scores of seven subjects for each class. And you have to input the subject names into the column header. One way is to add one by one, which is actually a very tiring work. So here we provide the Excel tips of inputting duplicate column headers in Excel.

Create Worksheet Group

In this way, you need to first create worksheet group. And the following are the steps.

  1. Put your mouse on any of the sheet.
  2. Right click.
  3. In the new pop-up menu, click “Selected All Sheets”.Select All Sheets

And then you will see such an interface:All Sheets are Selected

This means that you have created a group.

  1. And after those steps, you can input the name of subjects in the cells.Input Subjects
  2. Right click in the area of the worksheet group.
  3. Selected “Ungroup Sheets”. And then all the sheets become an independent worksheet.Ungroup Sheets

After all those steps, you can have a check. In other worksheets, all the names are there. You merely need to input the information for one time.

Copy and Paste Worksheet

This is another tip about inputting the same information into several worksheets. And only one worksheet is needed at first.

  1. Input information into a worksheet.
  2. Right click this worksheet.
  3. Choose the option “Move or Copy” in the pop-up menu.Choose Move or Copy
  4. In the new window, selected the option “Create a copy”.
  5. Click “OK”.Select Create a Copy
  6. And then a new worksheet appears. In this worksheet, it contains the same information as the first one.A New Worksheet Appear

And then you can change the name of the worksheet and drag it to rank the order. You need to repeat for five times to create all the six class worksheets. the Excel tips of inputting duplicate column headers is very handy and convenient.

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