2 Methods to Quickly Count the Selected Items in Outlook

Sometimes you may want to count the total number of selected items in Outlook. It is too time-consuming to count them one by one. This article will introduce 2 quick means.

As usual, you can easily get the total number of the items in the current folder by referring to the number on the status bar. But if you would like to quickly get the number of currently selected items, the status bar will be helpless. You should utilize other approaches. Here we will exhibit 2 fast techniques. Both of them are pretty easy and convenient. You can choose either as per your preference.

Method 1: Count the Selected Items via VBA Codes

  1. At first, launch Outlook and head to “Developer” tab.
  2. Then locate and click on the “Visual Basic” button in the “Code” group.Visual Basic Button
  3. After that, a new “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications” window will open up.
  4. Later you should open a new Module.
  5. In the new module, you ought to copy and paste the following VBA codes.
Sub CountSelectedItems()
    Dim olApp As Application
    Dim SelItems As Outlook.Selection
    Dim IntRes As Integer
    Dim StrMsg As String
    Set olApp = Outlook.Application
    Set SelItems = olApp.ActiveExplorer.Selection

    StrMsg = "You've Selected " & SelItems.Count & " Items!"
    IntRes = MsgBox(StrMsg, vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "Count Selected Outlook Items")
End Sub

Copy & Paste the VBA Codes in New Module

  1. Subsequently, click the “Save” icon in the toolbar and exit the current window.
  2. After that,  you can click the down arrow in the Quick Access Toolbar and choose “More Commands” from the drop down list.More Commands
  3. In the new popup “Outlook Options” window, take the following steps:
  • Firstly, select “Macros” in the “Choose commands from” field.
  • Then from the macro list, choose the previously added macro and click “Add” button.
  • Lastly click “OK” button.Add the Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar
  1. Now you can have a try. Select several Outlook items, and then click on the macro button on the Quick Access Toolbar. You will receive a dialog box, like the following picture:MsgBox: Count the Selected Items via VBA Codes

Method 2: Count the Selected Items via “Enter” Key Button

Unlike the above method which creates a new message box via VBA for counting, the Method 2 is to make use of an internal Outlook feature. It is a hotkey – “Enter” key button, which originally serves as an Outlook alert.

  1. Firstly, select Outlook Items which you want to count.
  2. Then press the “Enter” key button. Immediately, you will get an Outlook alert, shown as the image below:Count the Selected Items via Enter

Comparison of the 2 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Count via VBA It can count items with no limits. You should change the macro settings in “Trust Center”.
Count via “Enter” It is very simple. It cannot work if you select less than 4 items.

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