Why some downloaded Zip files show empty folders after unzipping

While you may have come across a variety of issues related to zip files ranging from corrupt files to irritating error messages, there is nothing spookier than to find out that the zip file you just downloaded from the internet is empty. Zip files typically tend to be vulnerable during a transfer process and can get corrupted; however their contents cannot simply vanish after being downloaded. The issue can occur due to certain specific reasons as listed below


Directly using the Open option to unzip the zip file


When you download any file, you get the options in your browser to Save it to the computer or Open it directly. In case you choose to open a file, it gets downloaded in the temporary folders and in case your temporary folders are full then the file may simply get deleted. So if you are looking to download a zip file, and you are getting empty folders on unzipping, then make it a point to save it to your system. In most cases using the Save option will eradicate the issue of empty zip files. Alternately you can use your browser options to clear the temporary folders.

The zip archive may contain a virus

One of the scenarios where the zip file that you have downloaded can show empty folders involves the presence of viruses in the archive. In case the zip file is infected with a virus, your virus scanner may simply choose to delete the infected files based on its threat perception. While this scenario is rare, if you suspect the same then it is always better to avoid the said zip archive. Do not even consider the idea of turning off the antivirus application as a virus infected zip file may cause severe damage to your system.

Windows is unable to display the correct fonts.

In some rare circumstances, your operating system may not be able to display the fonts contained in the zip file. While this possibility is rare, in such a scenario, the files are very much present however the folders come across as empty. If you check the properties of the folder and can find a folder size equaling or exceeding the size of the downloaded zip archive then the presence of data can be confirmed. It is likely the zip file has got corrupted and you need the help of a powerful zip repair tool like the DataNumen Zip Repair application to access the contents of the file. With the help of this effectual application you can quickly recover the data from the corrupted zip files in perfect order. The application absolutely requires no intervention on your part apart from the choosing the corrupted file that needs to be recovered and is extremely easy to use.

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