Previewing a Zip file – A Primer

The advent of high speed internet has literally changed the way we share data. Instead of sending across DVDs or even pen drives, we simply prefer to upload a large amount of data that we want to share on a website, and send across a link to the recipients. In most cases when we are dealing with a large amount of data, the preferred format for uploading data is the ubiquitous zip format. However the zip format can cause an unique hassle for the intended recipients of the data. Since the zip file encompasses the data files contained in it, a user has very little to be sure of its contents before deciding to download it. In such a scenario a procedure to preview a zip file is often sought and it sure does exist.

Previewing Zip file using Browser Add-ons

One of the easiest ways to preview the zip file would involve the use of browser add-ons like ArchView which allows you to check the contents of the zip file right from the browser window. In addition you can try using one of the several online zip services available on the internet for previewing the zip files.

Now in case you really do not want to install any browser add-ons, the best way to preview an archive file involves using the in built Zip preview feature of Windows Explorer. Once you have downloaded the zip archive you can quickly preview it with the help of Windows explorer and decide whether to open it or not. It is interesting to note that Windows even allows you to enable or disable folder view of zip files in Windows & or Vista.


Previewing Zip Files in Ms Outlook

In case you have received a large zip file over email in your Outlook mailbox, you can preview the contents of the file right off from the Outlook email client. Using the attachment preview tool of Windows 7 and later versions, you can quickly preview the contents of the zip file and decide whether to open it or not. In case you are not sure about the source of the zip files you are receiving through your emails, you can also choose to turn off the attachment preview option in Ms Outlook as shown below.



What if the downloaded zip file gets corrupted

At times you may notice that the preview pane in Windows explorer freezing up or no preview comes across. When you try to open the file, it is quite possible that an error message is displayed which mentions invalid archive. It is quite possible that the file you have downloaded has been compromised and needs to be recovered. One of the best zip recovery tools in the market today is the DataNumen Zip Repair tool which comes loaded with a host of sophisticated features. This remarkable zip repair tool can help you recover the contents of the corrupted files within seconds and it can recover whole set of files together through its bulk recovery option. Last but not the least, this powerful tool can also help you recover very large zip files exceeding the size of 2GB in quick time.


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