How to Quickly Transpose the Rows and Columns of a Table in Your Outlook Email

At times, you may want to transpose rows and columns of a table when composing an Outlook email. With the assistance of MS Excel, you can easily achieve it. Now, in this article, we will show you the detailed steps.

When editing an email, sometimes you will insert some tables into the message body. At this point, you may think that the table would look better if the rows and columns could be reversed. In this case, the stupid way is to recreate a table and re-enter the data. Apparently, it is considerably tedious and troublesome. In fact, there is a far more intelligent means. That is to make use of Excel’s “Transpose” function. If you aren’t familiar with this feature, please read on. In the followings, we will introduce it to you step by step.

Quickly Transpose the Rows and Columns of a Table in Your Outlook Email

Transpose the Rows and Columns of a Table in an Email

  1. First of all, in the email window, select the source table via clicking the cross button in the upper left corner.Select Source Table
  2. Then, press the “Ctrl + C” to copy this table.
  3. Next, open Microsoft Excel application with a blank Excel worksheet.
  4. Subsequently, paste the table into this worksheet, like the screenshot below:Paste Table into Worksheet
  5. After that, select the table in the sheet and copy it.
  6. Later, access a new worksheet in this Excel workbook.
  7. Then, right click on a blank cell in this sheet.
  8. From the right clicking menu, you should select “Paste Special” > “Transpose” icon.Paste Special
  9. Afterwards, you will gain a new table with transposed rows and columns, like the following picture:Transposed Rows and Columns
  10. At present, you can select this table and copy it via “Ctrl + C” keys.
  11. Finally, you can return to the source email.
  12. In this mail, paste the new table into it.
  13. Plus, you can adjust the row height and column width of this new table as per your needs.
  14. As you can see, the columns and rows of the table have been transposed like the following image:New Table

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