2 Ways to Reduce Size of Picture Attachments in Outlook

In order to avert the situation that picture attachments exceed the size limitation, you should learn how to reduce its size. This article is certainly a good guide.

When you attempt to send a message, but it takes with the picture attachments which exceed message size limitation, the message won’t be sent out successfully. In general, this message will return to you and not delivered. Besides, you may even get a relevant error report.

To MS Exchange Server email account, if the size of attachments is over 10 MB, you will encounter this error. By contrast, Internet email account like POP3 or IMAP is a bit better. But Outlook 2010 has also set a default attachment size limit of 20 MB for it. Virtually irrespective of what kind of accounts, you should make clear how to reduce the size of attachments, so as to send messages with success. This article is mainly taking about reducing size of picture attachments. Here are the 2 basic methods.

Resize Picture Attachments

  1. For a start you can click “New Email” button to create a new message. And enter all concrete information in New Message window.
  2. Then under “Message” tab, you should click “Attach File” in “Include” ribbon. In the popup window, you can locate and select a picture as per your will. If attached successfully, you can see the picture attachment in “Attach” line.
  3. Next you would be required to pitch on the attachment and go to “File” menu.Resize Picture Attachments When I Send This Message
  4. Under “Info” tab of “File” menu, you will see the “Image Attachments” item absolutely. You should select the first option under it, namely “Resize large images when I send this message”.
  5. After this selection, click “Message” tab to return the main page.
  6. After finishing the message, you can click “Send” button directly. Outlook will resize large images automatically.

Compress Picture Resolution

Note that compressing is only available for the inserted images.

  1. Still in New Message window, click “picture” button under “Insert” tab.
  2. After selecting your desired image, you can click “Compress Picture” in “Adjust” ribbon.Compress Picture Resolution
  3. Finally send the message.

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