How to Record and Track Phone Calls with Your Outlook Journals

Outlook journal feature support users to record and track phone calls. If you often want to write down some notes during a business call, why not use Outlook journal? This article will look at this feature and introduce the operations elaborately.

More often than not, you must often make business phone calls to your clients or colleagues. During the calls, you may need to record some notes. In this situation, normally, you may get used to finding a pen and paper to write down the notes by hand.

In reality, if you intend to call a specific contact which has existed in your Outlook, why don’t you record and track the phone call via Outlook journal feature? Not only can it track the duration of the call, but also it will be able to connect the call to the specific contact and permit you to directly type notes in the journal entry. Also, you can check your call logs in your Outlook at any latter time. If you need, you’re able to send the call logs as well. Here are the elaborate steps.

Record and Track Phone Calls with Your Outlook Journals

  1. For a start, launch Outlook and switch to Contacts pane.
  2. Then find and pitch on the source contact whom you intend to make call to.
  3. Next right click the selected contact and choose “Call” > “Business” or “Home” or “Mobile” from the right clicking menu.Make a Call to Specific Contact
  4. Subsequently, in the new popup “New Call” dialog box, you ought to first tick the option “Create new Journal Entry when starting new call”.
  5. And then click on “Start Call” button.Create a New Journal Enrty When Starting New Call
  6. After that, a new Journal Entry will open up. Now you can change the preset subject and entry type as per you needs. And next click “Start Timer” button.Start Timer in the New Journal Enrty
  7. The timer will start working. Then during the call, you can type your notes in the body at will, like the following image.Type Notes in the Journal Entry Body
  8. After you finish the call, you can click “Pause Timer” button in ribbon to stop the timer and hit “Save & Close” button to save the journal entry.Pause Timer
  9. Finally you can switch to “Folder list” navigation pane and open the “Journal”. Then in the timeline, you can find the previous phone call journal entry.Find the Journal Entry

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