How to Modify the Default Hyperlink Style in Outlook Emails

As we all know, the text with a hyperlink will become in blue with underline. This article will tell you how to change the default hyperlink style to make your message more attractive.

On one occasion, I receive an email from a product service provider, in which all hyperlinks are in a special font and purple color without underlines. It looks rather interesting. Actually, using Outlook and Word for decades, I am extremely tired of the default hyperlink style, just in blue and with underlines. I hope to change it as well.

Steps to Alter the Hyperlink Style When Composing an Email

  1. To begin with, launch Outlook program and click “New Email” to create a new message.
  2. Then in the new message window, type the specific words or sentences. For instance, type “Google” in the message body. Select the five characters. Right click it and choose “Hyperlink” from the context menu.Insert Hyperlinks
  3. In the subsequent dialog box, you can paste the google website in the address bar. And click “OK” to save the hyperlink. You can see the default hyperlink style, namely in blue and with underlines.
  4. Next switch to the “Format Text” tab and locate “Styles” ribbon. Click the extension icon at the lower right corner, which will bring out the Style and Formatting Pane.Open Style and Formatting Pane
  5. In this pane, you can find “Hyperlink” option. Right click it and choose “Modify” from the right click menu.Modify Hyperlink Style
  6. Later a new dialog box will arise, in which you can change the hyperlink style, irrespective of fonts, font size, effects and color, etc. For example, you can remove the underlines, change the default blue color.Alter the Hyperlink Style When Composing an Email
  7. If you hope that this new hyperlink style applies to all the new emails later, not only to the current emails, you should select “New documents based on this template” option.Select “New documents based on this template” Option
  8. Finally click “OK” to save the alerted styles. Exit the style pane by clicking X icon at the upper right corner of the dialog. When you back to the new message window, you can see the “Google” with a hyperlink has been in the new style.

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  2. I want to know how to change the link color on emails that come into my inbox, not the ones I’m sending.

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