How to Mark on Your Excel Worksheets via Colorful Pens

Excel can play a significant role in your work. And some of the features can increase the readability in Excel. So today we will introduce the tool of pens in Excel.

Instead of storing and analyzing data and information, Excel can also be used in other areas. For example, you will need to use an Excel file to make a presentation; you need to make a questionnaire in Excel. And you may sometimes need to check the Excel files made by other people. Thus, the tool pf pens in Excel can be a useful helper. And now follow use and see how this tool takes effect.

Add Pens in the Quick Access Toolbar

Before you can use this tool, you should first add the tool in the quick access toolbar.

  1. Click the small arrow in the quick access toolbar.
  2. And in the drop down menu, choose the option “More Commands”.Open Quick Access Toolbar
  3. In the new window, click the small arrow in the “Choose commands from”.
  4. Then choose the option of “All Commands”.Click all Commands
  5. Drag the scroll bar until you see the “Pens”.
  6. Now click the “Pens”.
  7. Then click “Add” in the middle.Add Pens
  8. And now click “OK”.

Now in the quick access toolbar, you will see the pens in it.

Use Pens in Worksheet

  1. Click the tab of pens in the quick access toolbar.
  2. In the drop down list, you will see many options of pens. Choose any of the type that you need.Many Types of Pens
  3. And now you will see that the shape of your mouse changes. Therefore, you can draw in your worksheet to highlight some important data or information.Highlight Target
  4. When you have finished the highlight, you can press “Esc” on the keyboard to cancel the pen.

Customize Your Pens

Besides, if you don’t like the default color of those pens, you can also set one by yourself.

  1. Click any of the ink in the worksheet. And in the ribbon, you will see the tab of “Ink Tools”.
  2. In the part of “Color” and “Thickness”, you can set the pen according to your need and preference.Set Color and Thickness
  3. Now click the small arrow at the part of “Pens”.
  4. Then in the drop-down menu, click the “Add Current pen to Favorite Pens”.Add Current Pen to Favorite Pens

And the next time, you can directly choose this pen in those options.

Prepare for Unwanted Excel Corruption

Sometimes you may find that you can’t open your Excel file or the Excel shoes an error message when you are trying to open it. As a result, your work can go awry due to such accidents. Thus, preparing a third party tool at hand is rather important. It can help to fix Excel files and make sure that all your data is sound.

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