Key Benefits of Using a Switchboard in Ms Access

The Ms Access Access-Switchboardapplication can be used to store a huge array of information ranging from financial data to inventory lists. Some small businesses choose to store their entire business data in Access and also develop forms and modules for specific business functions. In addition reports and queries too may be created for quick viewing of data. Now if you happen to manage the Access database you would know from where you can access a particular data or report. However an employee in your firm who is not familiar with the database in question would find it difficult to navigate around the Access application. Alternately you may want other users to access specific sections of the database to avoid them from messing up the underlying data. To address such issues it is necessary to have a structure created in Ms Access that can be used for navigation and Switchboard forms perform this exact role.


Key Benefits of creating a Switchboard in Ms Access

With the help of a switchboard form you can create a click based interface that can help people to access specific datasets, reports or other forms. In a switchboard form you can include buttons which when clicked would take you to a desired location. Using the Command box in a switchboard you can perform a desired activity. Interestingly you can create switchboards that have buttons to open another switchboard. Access also allows you set a switchboard as default, which opens up every time the database is launched. This feature is extremely handy when multiple users are working in a database and need directions.  It is extremely easy to create a switchboard in Ms Access and even after one has been created you can edit by going into the Design view.

Switchboards are more of a necessity when you are using Access to run a line of business function. For example if you are using Access for storing your sales support data, executives working in sales support would have to be provided with a switchboard through which they can navigate to relevant forms.


Switchboards created with lot of effort can become inaccessible due to an Access crash

The Ms Access application, while being simple to use, scores poorly on parameters such as stability and robustness. Now if you have designed an elaborate switchboard form with great effort, there may be a chance that it vanishes during an Access crash along with other data. To avoid such a scenario you need to procure an access repair tool like DataNumen Access Repair which can help you get back your data in quick time. It also comes equipped with the capacity to deal with ACCDB format files and can even recover indexes and queries without breaking a sweat. As compared to its competitors, it has a proven record of recovering more data in benchmark tests. Last but not the least, the application is a sheer joy to use and you can simply drag and drop a compromised MDB file into the program interface to start the recovery process.


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