How to Recover a Whole Batch of Damaged PDF Files?

The PDF file format from software maker Adobe is the prefered file format of users at every level of the organisation. Sometimes, a situation arises in which a whole batch of PDF files become corrupt. With a few simple steps, users can prevent the loss of data stored in the PDF file.

The PDF file format, which was developed by Adobe in 1993, is the default file format in which almost all the information in the organisation is stored. The popularity of the format is defined by the fact that almost every report or document available online is PDF format. Online applications such as Google Docs are also offering support for the file format. The file format has also been adopted by prominent ebook publishers and ebook reader devices, which allow users to download and save books in PDF format. Some of the most popular internet archiving projects such as Project Gutenberg and Open Library offer scanned ebooks in PDF format due to its universal nature. A majority of information is stored in PDF files in batches, which are accessed whenever the need arises. Sometimes when the files are accessed for a long time on a daily basis, they become damaged or corrupted, making the file inaccessible. When file format is used so extensively, then the chances of the files becoming damaged rise. In an organisation, which uses a huge number of PDF files in order to store the data, there is always a chance that one or several PDF files are corrupted or damaged at any given time. This poses a problem as users are not able to access the data which is stored in the PDF files. The files contain all kinds of information related to the organisation, including, product and business reports and employee and customer data. It is always advised to keep a tool which helps recover PDF files. One such software is DataNumen PDF Repair from Data Numen, which allows users to not only recover or repair a single PDF file, but also allows them to recover PDF files in batches if a lot of PDF files are corrupted at the same time. This features acts as a huge time saver as it saves the trouble of individually recovering the files. DataNumen PDF Repair also allows users to recover all kinds of PDF files, no matter how damaged they are. The application covers a wide range of PDF files and offers a constantly updated fixing mechanism that fixes PDF files that are not up to the prescribed PDF standard. All in all, the tool is fit to recover PDF files that get damaged due to excessive use or an unfathomable reason. In order start the process, users would need to download and install the DataNumen PDF Repair tool. The before opening the application, users would need to make sure that any PDF reader application is not running. After that, access the ‘Start’ menu in Windows and select the application from the ‘All Programs’ list. When the application opens, users would then need to click on the ‘Batch Repair’ option next to the ‘Repair’ option and select multiple PDF files that need to be recovered. After selecting the damaged PDF files, users would have to click on the ‘Start Repair’ button in order to repair PDF files.

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