How to prevent a PDF file for being corrupted?

PDF file format, due to its wide usage by people around the world, tends to become corrupted when not handled in the right manner. Here are a few simple steps that might protect the file from becoming corrupted.

Ever since the PDF file format was invented by Adobe in 1993, it has come a long way in becoming¬† the most prefered file format of the masses. This is due to the fact that the file format is extremely portable and works across all the well known and less known computer operating system. PDF file format is the easiest way to store huge amounts of data on a single file and it also offers sophisticated protection system that allows users to password protect their files and implement Watermarks. The file can be transferred easily using email or removable media devices such as CDs and USB pen drives. However, extensive use of the file make it corrupt, prompting users to repair PDF files. File corruption leads to the loss of data and information stored on the PDF files. Even so, there are a few simple methods from which users can prevent their PDF files from being corrupted for as long as possible. One of the simplest methods of protecting the file from being corrupted is that when users receive the PDF file as an attachment, they can first download it before viewing it. Most of the time, users don’t bother to download the file and view it directly. This leads to file damage most of the time. Users need to remember to download and save the file first before printing or viewing it. Users may have noticed that a PDF file sent as an attachment via emails becomes corrupted and refuses to open citing errors. This the most common form of file corruption faced by users. In case PDF files are needed to be sent via email, then users should take the pain of compressing the PDF files in a ZIP file and then attach it and send it. This protects the PDF files from getting damaged. One more thing users can do for protecting the PDF file from getting damaged and avoiding having to repair PDF is never to open a PDF file on a web browser. These days, almost every web browser comes with ability to open PDF files, making it easier for users to access them. However, repeatedly opening PDF files on a web browser can damage them. Users should also download and view the file on a PDF reader application. Speaking of web browsers, users can also try to clear the cache of their web browser before downloading a PDF file and prevent it from getting corrupted. Some of the experts claim that using the right-click of the mouse to download the PDF file also prevents it from getting corrupted. Users should try to minimise the instances in which they need to repair PDF files, because once a PDF file gets corrupted, no matter which recovery tool users use, they are never going to retrieve the complete information. However, even if the PDF file gets corrupted, then users can use a recovery tool such as DataNumen PDF Repair from Data Numen to repair the damaged and corrupted PDF file to retrieve the lost data.

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  1. My PDF files have started being corrupted as soon as I save a Final Draft or other file as a PDF file.
    No idea why?
    It has been suggested I pay £10 a file to have it repaired. With nearly fifty files, that is expensive.

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