2 Steps to Enable New Mail Alerts for Specific Accounts Only

If you’ve configured several accounts in Outlook and also enabled new mail desktop alerts, you will receive alerts when new mails arrive, irrespective of which accounts. This article aims to tell you how to enable the new mail alerts for specific accounts only.

My Outlook contains three accounts. Two of them are separately my private and business account. The third one is a specific account to receive newsletter and other industry news. Thus I want to disable the new mail alerts for the third email account. Here are my solutions shared here for your reference.

Step 1: Disable New Mail Alerts

  1. At the outset, go to “File” menu and select “Options” item.
  2. Then in the new window of “Outlook Options”, switch to “Mail” tab.
  3. On this tab, locate “Message arrival” label and uncheck the option – “Display a Desktop Alert”.Disable New Mail Alerts
  4. Finally click “OK” to return to Outlook Home Page.

This step will disable all new mail alerts for all your email accounts. Thus the next step is to enable the alerts for specified email accounts.

Step 2: Create a New Mail Alert Rule for Specific Accounts

As for creating this kind of rule, we should also consider a precondition. That is whether you would like to disable alert for only one email account or multiple accounts. Depending on the two cases, you should take different operations.

Case 1: Enable all Email Accounts But One

  1. For a start, head to “File” menu and click “Manage Rules and Alerts”.
  2. Then click “New Rules” button to open “Rule Wizard” window, in which you need to select “Apply rule on messages I received” as a template.
  3. Next you will turn to “Condition”, but just ignore it and click “Next”. A prompt will show up. Click “Yes” to next step.
  4. Choose “Display a Desktop Alert” in “Actions” list and press “Next”.
  5. Later select the exception – “Except through the specified account”.
  6. You should click on the “Specified” link at the bottom box to select the target account.Enable all Email Accounts But One
  7. Finally click “Finish” to activate this rule.

Case 2: Enable Multiple Specific Accounts

  1. Repeat the step 1 and 2 introduced in the last case.
  2. In Condition section, you need to select “through the specified account”.
  3. Then at the bottom box, you need to click on the “Specified” link to select the several accounts for which you want to show alert. And click “Next”.
  4. Select the same action – “Display a Desktop Alert”.Enable Multiple Specific Accounts
  5. Finally click “Finish” to apply this rule.

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