How to Delay the Delivery to a Specific Member when Sending an Outlook Email to a Contact Group

This article will share a piece of VBA code, which can permit you to quickly delay the delivery to a specific member when sending an email to a contact group in Outlook.

When you compose and send an Outlook email to a contact group, if you would like to delay sending this email to a specific member in this group, you can utilize the following method to realize it. It will automatically expand the contact group and generate a same email which is delayed to the specific member. Now, read on to get the elaborate steps.

Delay the Delivery to a Specific Member when Sending an Outlook Email to a Contact Group

Delay the Delivery to a Specific Member when Sending an Email to a Contact Group

  1. To start with, launch your Outlook program.
  2. Then, in the emerging Outlook main window, you should press “Alt + F11” key buttons.
  3. Subsequently, you’ll get access to the Outlook VBA editor, in which you need to insert a new module or simply open a module that is not in use.
  4. After that, you can copy and paste the following VBA code into this module.
Sub DelayEmail_aSpecificMemberinContactGroup()
    Dim objCurrentMail As MailItem
    Dim objRecipients As Recipients
    Dim ContactGroupFound As Boolean
    Dim i, n As Long
    Dim objDelayedMail As MailItem
    Set objCurrentMail = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
    ContactGroupFound = True
    While ContactGroupFound = True
          Set objRecipients = objCurrentMail.Recipients
          ContactGroupFound = False
          'Expand the contact group in "To" field
          For i = objRecipients.count To 1 Step -1
              If objRecipients(i).AddressEntry.DisplayType <> olUser Then
                 For n = 1 To objRecipients(i).AddressEntry.Members.count
                     If objRecipients(i).AddressEntry.Members.Item(n).DisplayType = olUser Then
                        objCurrentMail.Recipients.Add (objRecipients(i).AddressEntry.Members.Item(n).Address)
                        objCurrentMail.Recipients.Add (objRecipients(i).AddressEntry.Members.Item(n).Name)
                        ContactGroupFound = True
                     End If
              End If
          Next i

    'Find the specific memebr in the recipients
    For Each objRecipient In objRecipients
        If objRecipient.Address = "" Then
           'Create a same email
           Set objDelayedMail = objCurrentMail.Copy
           With objDelayedMail
                .To = ""
                .Recipients.Add objRecipient.Address
                'Change the deferred delivery time as per your needs
                .DeferredDeliveryTime = (Date + 1) & " 09:00:00"
          End With
       End If
End Sub

VBA Code - Delay the Delivery to a Specific Member when Sending an Outlook Email to a Contact Group

  1. Next, for later convenient access, you had better add the newly added macro to the Quick Access Toolbar of Message window.
  2. And then you ought to alter your Outlook macro settings to enable all macros in the “Macro Settings” of “Trust Center”.
  3. Eventually, you can take a shot.
  • Firstly, compose such an email to the contact group as usual.
  • Then you can click the new macro button in the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • At once, a same email will be created and set to be sent out to the specific member at the scheduled time.
  • In the meantime, the current email will be sent out to the rest members in the contact group.

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