How to Create a Customized Print Style in Your Outlook

Outlook offers two default print style, namely “Table Style” and “Memo Style”. In fact, you are permitted to customize a new print style as per your preference. This article will be a quick and good guide.

For some reasons, sometimes the default print styles in Outlook cannot satisfy your wishes. Thus you may tend to change the settings of the default print styles. However, it would be time-consuming for you to change the settings manually every time you need. Therefore, it is a better idea to directly create and save a new print style.

Create a Customized Print Style in Outlook

  1. To start with, you should launch Outlook application.
  2. After getting into the main interface of Outlook, you need to turn to “Print” page. Go to “File” menu and then choose “Print” from the left option list.
  3. And then in the right pane of “Print”, you would be required to locate and click on the “Print Options” button.Print Options
  4. The dialog box of “Print” will pop up. In “Print style” section, you should click “Define Styles” button.Define Styles
  5. Next another new dialog box of “Define Print Styles” will arise. If you wish to change the readymade print style, you can click “Edit” button. But if you would like to customize a new style, you have to press “Copy” button.Copy the Print Style
  6. After that, a new dialog box of “Page Setup” will show up, in which you ought to take the following steps to customize your preferred print settings:
  • At the outset, you need to specify a name for the new print style, such as “Customized Print Style”.
  • And then under “Format” tab, you could change the fonts of the tile and fields. Also, you can choose if to print using gray shading or not.
  • Under “Paper” tab, you can change all the available paper setups tailored to your wishes.
  • Next switch to “Header/Footer” tab, under which you can customize your desired header and footer.
  • After defining the print settings, click “OK” button.Page Setup
  1. Later in “Define Print Styles” dialog box, you can see the new print style. Click “Close” button, and then exit “Print” dialog box by clicking “X” icon in the upper right corner. Save the Print Style
  2. Finally you will return to Outlook. And under “Print” tab, you can find that the new print style has been in the “Settings” box. From now on, you can print Outlook items in this style. New Print Style

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