How to Convert Delimited Texts into Tables in Word

Converting text to table is a time-saving and convenient way to deal with large amount of data in Word. In this article, we will mainly look at how to realize the conversion.

Sometimes, we may need to edit a large table in word. Of course, we can input data to table cells one by one, however, it is troublesome and may take up a lot of time. Alternatively, another way is to fist split text with delimiters, and then convert these texts to a table, which is time saving and easy to implement. To realize conversion between table and Word text, you can refer to this article shown as below.

Convert Delimited Texts to a Table

A crucial step to be noted here is to use a delimiter to separate text properly. Generally, the limiters could be paragraphs, commas, tabs or other characters or symbols. Here, we choose commas to break the text.

  1. Below are some comma-separated texts, we take it as an example to show the conversion of text to table in Word. First, we should select the following text with the cursor. Select the following text
  1. Switch to “Insert” page, and then click “table” button. Next, choose “Convert Text to Table”.Choose “Convert Text to Table”
  1. In the subsequent pop up window, make sure we select “Commas” under “Separate text at”. Then, click “OK”.Select “Commas”
  1. Now we can see that the above comma-separated texts have been automatically converted to a table.Convert comma-separated texts

Convert the Table Back to Texts

Sometimes, we may also want to extract data from a table in an efficient way. In this section, we will talk about how to achieve that.

  1. If you only need to convert certain part of a table to texts, just select the targeted table cells. Otherwise, place the cursor on the table and click it.
  2. Switch to “Layout” page, and click “Convert to Text” button. Click “Convert to Text” button
  1. Then, we choose “Tabs” in the following dialogue box and click “OK”. Until now, we can see that the selected table has been transformed to Word text.Choose “Tabs”

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