How to Change and Reset the Location of Outlook New Mail Alert

Outlook New Mail Alert always pops up in the bottom right corner of Desktop. Of course, we can also change it to a more striking location, like the middle of the screen. This article will discuss about how to change and reset its location.

To be honest, I’m very dependent on Outlook New Mail Alert, which prevents me from missing any important emails. In addition, so as to make it more arresting, I move it to the middle of my Desktop. Now I will introduce the approaches to adjust and restore the alert’s location in detail.

Change the Location of Outlook New Mail Alert

In fact, adjusting the location of New Mail Desktop Alert is considerably simple. When the small dialog box pops up, you can move your cursor and click on the dotted line on the top, keep pressing the left mouse button and then drag the dialog box to anywhere in the Desktop as per your preference.Drag the New Mail Alert to Anywhere

Since you changed its default location, next time the New Mail Desktop Alert will be positioned in the customized location. Perhaps you may prefer to place it in the central screen for visibility. But if one day you feel that it always disturbs your normal working, you may wish to reset it to its default location. So move on to the next part.

Restore the Location of Outlook New Mail Alert

Actually the location of New Mail Desktop Alert is precisely recorded in Registry Editor. Therefore, if you would like to reset its location, you have to makes some changes in Registry Editor. Follow the steps below:

  1. At the very outset, exit Outlook program properly and go to “Start Menu”.
  2. Then in the search box, you can type “regedit” and press “Enter” key button.Search “regedit” in "Start Menu"
  3. A new dialog box of “User Account Control” will pop up. It is asking if you are ready to allow Registry Editor to make changes on your computer. Press “Yes” button directly.
  4. Next in “Registry Editor” window, you need to find the following registry keys: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” > “Software” > “Microsoft” > “Office” > “<version>” > “Common” > “DesktopAlerts”.

Note: In regard to “<version>” variable, it depends on your Outlook versions. For instance, Outlook 2010 should point to “14.0”, Outlook 2013 to “15.0”, etc.

  1. After that, turn to the right pane. Over there, you will see two DWORD values – “XOffset” and “YOffset”. What you should do is to remove them.Reset the Location of New Mail Alert
  2. Finally close Registry Editor. From now on, the New Mail Desktop Alert” will return to the initially default location.

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