How to Change the Default Folder for Inserting and Saving Attachments in Outlook

If you’ve never changed the default attachment folder before, every time you insert or save attachments in Outlook, the folder “My Document” will open. So you always need to browse to desired folder. This article will teach you how to change them.

I usually store my email attachments in one unified folder. That is “Attachments” directly under “Disk C” root. So I hope that when I need to click “Save as” or “Attach file” in Outlook, the folder “C:\Attachments\” can show up instead of “My Document”. Here are my methods.

Change Folder for Inserting Attachments

  1. At the very outset, launch Microsoft Word.
  2. Then in Word, go to “file” menu and select “Options”.
  3. In the next window of “Word Options”, you should switch to “Save” tab.Default File Location in MS Word
  4. Next under “Save documents” label, locate “Default file Location” field. Click the ““Browse”’ button at the end.
  5. Later in the subsequent window, you can select whichever folder as per your wishes.
  6. After choosing your desired folder, you can close Word and open Outlook. Create a new email and click “Attach File” button. You will find the inserting attachment folder has been changed.Folder for Inserting Attachments

Change Folder for Saving Attachments

  1. For a start, close Outlook application and head to “Start Menu”.
  2. In the search box, type “regedit” and press “Enter” to access Registry Editor.Type "regedit" in Search Field of Start Menu
  3. Then you should go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” > “Software” > “Microsoft” > “Office” > “14.0” > “Outlook” > “Options”.
  4. Right click on “Options” and select “New” > “String Value”.Create a New String Value under Options
  5. On the right pane, you should name this value as “DefaultPath”. And double click it to edit the value. You should set the value data to your desired saving attachment folder path, such as “C:\Attachments”. After changing the value, click “OK” to save it.DefaultPath
  6. Finally click “File” > “Exit” to close Registry Editor. And restart Outlook and try to save an attachment. You will find the default saving attachment folder has been changed.Folder for Saving Attachments

Beware of Potential Threats to Outlook

Given the fact that Outlook is error prone, we should keep cautious to any possible risks whenever and wherever. For example, we ought to force Outlook not to download pictures from unknown contacts. Besides, we should remember that never click the external links embedded in unknown emails. More importantly, once we recognize any emails as junks, we should make full use of Junk Email Filter to block them forever.

Of course, apart from being careful, we should make formulate a data recovery plan in advance. Firstly, make regular backups. Secondly, know where you can locate Scanpst.exe. Thirdly, keep a more potent repair tool handy like DataNumen Outlook repair, which can recover Outlook data with effortless ease.

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