How to Copy View Filters from One Folder to Another in Your Outlook

After you add filters to the view of an Outlook folder, if you would like to copy the view filters from this folder to another, you can use the way introduced in this post. Outlook supports you to apply filters to folder views. For example, you can set a folder to only show today's emails by adding a view filter. Now, if you have set up some filters in a folder's view and hope to copy the filters to the other folders, you can use the following method. It can let you accomplish this in quick...

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How to Run SQL Server 2017 on Linux

Learn more about SQL Server’s extension to Linux Platform and how was it done! SQL Server 2017 has extended its availability for Linux Platform recently and it has become the talk of the town since the day it was announced. Microsoft’s move to integrate Linux platform with SQL proves that Microsoft is sincere on its front for being an open source oriented company and according to the company the move was however essential as they no longer wanted to limit their customers to windows for...

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How to Apply a Custom Ribbon to a Form or Report in Access

Here we understand the steps of applying a custom ribbon to a form or report in MS Access. The reports or forms that we use in MS Access are customized to a large extent so that they work well with the kind of database we have. And to make these objects even more relevant to your database, you can add to them customized ribbons as well. These ribbons make use of declarative XML markup that is text-based and is used for simplifying the process of creating and adding customizations to the...

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