How to Back up a Split Database in Your Access

In this article we look at backing up a split database in an effective manner in quick time Splitting Databases is one of the easiest ways to manage databases. Every time your database grows too much, splitting it into two databases – Front-end and Back-end, is always the most preferred solution. For a company, which has an ever expanding Access database, it is crucial to split them, before accessing them. Once a database is split, it is not only easier to manage but also easier to backup....

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How to Sort and Filter Records in Your Access

In Ms Access you often need to filter or sort records for narrowing down data. In this article we look at ways to do in an easy manner. While using Access databases, it is often difficult to make sense of the data in a glance. To make it easier, you can make use of the Sorting and Filtering tools in the application. Using these tools you can make your records and databases more organized and comprehensive. To be able to use this feature, you should know the difference between Sorting and...

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2 Methods to Copy Cells Based on Certain Criteria in your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you need to copy cells that meeting certain criteria. And here we will introduce 2 useful methods to copy the target cells. In an Excel worksheet, there will certainly be a lot of data and information. However, those cells contain values that meet certain criterion will separate in different range. As a result, it will be difficult when you need to collect them. In this worksheet, you need to copy cells that is larger than 350. And if you sort those cells one by one and then...

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