2 Effective Methods to Enlarge the Worksheet Area in Your Excel

In certain circumstance, you will find that the worksheet area is too small. And now you can use the 2 effective methods in this article to enlarge the worksheet area. Suppose you will give a lesson to other people with an Excel file. When you are demonstrating some data, you may find that the worksheet area is not big enough. Therefore, you need to enlarge the area. And now you can use the two methods to meet this need. Method 1: Use Full Screen This method is very easy to use. ...

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How to Customize Your Excel Ribbon

The ribbon in Excel lies on the top of the workbook. And in this article, you will know how to customize the ribbon according to your need. When you need to use a feature in Excel, you will certainly find it in the ribbon. The image below shows the ribbon in Excel. Even though the default setting can satisfy most of the needs in your work, you can also manage the ribbon by yourself. Customize the Ribbon Show or Hide Tabs In this part, you can follow the steps and see how to hide or...

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2 Quick Methods to Create New Emails from a Template with Outlook VBA

Since that many users think it cumbersome to find and use Outlook email templates, we will exhibit 2 quick methods to create new emails using a template with Outlook VBA in this article. More often than not, to use an Outlook email template, you have to firstly find out it by clicking “New Items” > “More Items” > “Choose Form”. Then In the “Choose Form” dialog box, locate and open the target templates in “User Templates in File System”, like the following...

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