How to Auto Export the Time Spent on Each Appointment of Last Week in Outlook

Many users are used to creating a report of time spent on their weekly schedules, such as weekly appointments. Now, this article will teach how to let Outlook auto export the time spent on each appointment of last week every Monday. For some reasons, like summarizing your weekly schedules and works, you may hope that Outlook can automatically count and export the time you spend on each appointment of last week every Monday. Now, the method below will help you realize it. Auto Export the...

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How to Quickly Add and Forward Multiple Emails as a Zip Attachment in Outlook

When you need to forward a great amount of emails to someone, you may desire to convert all of them into a single compressed file. Thus, this post will teach you how to rapidly forward multiple emails as a zip attachment. Outlook permits users to forward multiple emails as attachments. To be honest, it is convenient. But, if the number of emails to be forwarded is pretty large, you’ll surely hope to compress them into a single file, like a zip file. Other than saving them to local drive...

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How to Use MS Access in a Strategic Manner in a Large Organization

In this article we look at using the Ms Access database in a large organization, often in conjunction with other database solutions. Access users often believe that it is an application ideal for small to midlevel organizations; for large organizations, high end applications like SQL Server or other enterprise grade databases should only be used. This statement is only partly correct. Access can also be used for large organizations, provided it is used in a strategic manner. You cannot...

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