How to Run VBA Code in Your Outlook

At times you may wish to utilize VBA code in Outlook to achieve more functions. Yet, you do not know how to run VBA code in your Outlook. Thus, this article will expose the detailed steps to you. Thereinafter, we will take Outlook 2010 version as an example and show you the elaborate steps, ranging from modifying macro security settings to running VBA code. Now, read on to get them. Step 1: Enable “Developer” Tab First of all, after launching Outlook, access “File” menu. ...

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How to Batch Replace One Color Category with Another for All Outlook Items

If you want to replace one color category with another for all Outlook items, you must long for a way that allows you to achieve this in bulk, instead of manually doing it. Now, this article will show you such a method. Have you ever wished to quickly replace one color category with another for all items in your Outlook? For example, if you want to abandon and delete a color category from your Outlook, you may want to replace it with another on all items before deleting. Without any doubts,...

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How to Quickly Archive All Expired Emails in Your Outlook

Outlook permits users to set expiry time for emails. Such emails are shown in grey strikethrough font. If you wish to quickly archive all the expired emails, you can use the method introduced in this article. You can set any expiry time for any emails in Outlook. Once expire time is passed, the emails will be marked as expired with a grey strikethrough. In this scenario, it is always suggested to quickly archive them as they are probably not useful any longer. Archiving them can reduce the...

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