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How to Convert Excel Worksheet to Native Word Table via VBA

In this article, we are delighted to offer you the way to convert Excel worksheet to native Word table via VBA. Office files take in various formats. Now and then, you will run into the demand to convert file format from one to another. For example, conversion between Excel file and Word document is one of the most required. Actually, we’ve discussed this topic on one of our previous articles: 5 Easy Ways to Transfer Excel Tabular Data into Your Word Today, there is a much quicker...

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4 Fast Methods to Remove Undesired Frames in Your Word Document

In this post, we are going to show 4 fast ways for you to remove undesired frames in your Word document. To some degree, frames are very must the same like text boxes, both used to holding texts in a document. But frames have some advantages over text boxes. For example, it can contain some fields and you can start footnotes or endnotes inside, either of which works in text boxes.    Despite this, we can’t ignore the need to remove frames you just don’t want anymore. Therefore, we...

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How to Quickly Convert from English to Metric Area and Vice Versa via Word VBA

In following post, we will demonstrate you how to create an area converter to quickly convert from English to metric area and vice versa via Word VBA. Unit converter can free you from painstaking manual conversion. Actually, you can totally create one in Word via VBA. And today we will show you how to build an area converter. Create a User Form You are going to need a user form on which your converter shall exhibit. So let’s create one first. To start off, press “Alt+ F11” in...

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