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5 Ways to Vertically Align Superscript and Subscript in the Same Column in Word Document

In this article, we will offer you 5 ways to vertically align superscript and subscript in the Same Column in Word Document. Generally, if you attach both superscript and subscript to the same text, the script texts will not be aligned in the same vertical line. This will certainly affect the artistic result of your document. Therefore, we must do something to vertically align both script texts. Following are 5 effectual tactics you can utilize to get what you expect. Method 1: Insert...

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How to Quickly Delete Multiple Pages in Your Word Document via VBA

In this article, we will focus on demonstrating you of how to delete multiple pages in your Word document via VBA. Drafting a document requires adjustments all the time. And deleting pages of contents is just as necessary as other modifications. To remove useless texts is easy. Most people choose to make a selection and then press either “Delete” or “Backspace” shall do the task. This certainly will get you what you want. But there is a quicker to do so. What’s more, you skip...

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How to Quickly Create Outlook Contacts for All Email Addresses Occurring in a Word Document

This article will share you a method to quickly extract all the email addresses from a Word document and then create according contacts for them in your Outlook. In my previous article - “How to Quickly Send an Outlook Email to All Email Addresses Occurring in Several Word documents”, you can easily learn to send an email to the email addresses in Word documents. Similarly, maybe for the future convenience, you may wish to create the corresponding contacts for these email addresses....

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