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How to Auto Set the Reminders of Weekend Appointments on Previous Friday in Outlook

Many users hope that Outlook can reminds them of the appointments, which are scheduled on weekends, on previous Friday. Now, this article will share a method to achieve it. By default, the reminders for Outlook appointments are usually set to 15 minutes before the appointments. In this situation, if any appointments are scheduled on weekends, the reminder will alert you on weekends. However, as the time is out of your working hours, most of time, you may not see this reminder in time. Thus,...

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How to Delete Paragraphs Not Containing Specific Texts in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to offer the way to delete paragraphs not containing specific texts in your Word document. In our previous article, we have shown the way to find or delete paragraphs containing specific texts. For detailed explanations, here is the link: How to Quickly Find or Delete Paragraphs Containing Specific Texts in Your Word Document This time we will provide you the method to find paragraphs with specific texts and offer you the options to delete others not...

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4 Effective Ways to Copy or Print the Outline of Your Word Document

In this post, there are 4 effective ways you can deploy to copy or print the outline of your Word document. Now and then, we would need to share with teammates the progress of a project. For example, it’s common to send between each other the outline of some document as to keep everyone posted. Therefore, we want to share with you 4 useful methods to copy or print an outline of document. 2 Ways to Copy an Outline Method 1: Copy in Outline View First of all, click “View” tab...

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