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How to Create Union Queries to Get Combined Results in MS Access

This article addresses the importance and the use of Union Queries and also gives steps to effectively use it to get combined results. Suppose a user has an MS Access database with two unrelated tables, one with client data and another with customer data. We assume that both these tables will have a field for contact information. Now if the user wants to see contact information in one view of both these tables, he will have to use the Union Query. Union Query is used for selecting and...

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3 Quick Ways to Copy All Images from a Word Document to an Outlook Email

If you want to copy all images from a Word document to an Outlook email, you can use the 3 approaches introduced in this article. For instance, you finish a Word document that contains multiple pictures. Later, you want to reuse these pictures in the document to compose an Outlook email. In this situation, you'll long for a quick solution to quickly copy the images from the word document to an email in Outlook. Looking at this requirement, here we will teach you 3 ways to get it. Method...

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How to Quickly Copy Watermark from One Email to Another in Your Outlook

At times, you may want to reuse the watermark of an email. In this situation, you'll want to rapidly copy the watermark to a new email. This article will teach you how to realize it with a piece of VBA code. Outlook doesn't provide a direct feature to insert watermark to email. Thereby, in my previous article – "2 Steps to Add a Watermark to Outlook Email Messages", I have introduced a workaround to realize it. But, it is too tedious. And sometimes, you receive or send an email with...

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