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How to Quickly Create an Outlook Rule to Block the Senders of Multiple Emails

If you want to create a rule to block the senders of multiple selected emails, usually, you have to first write down the senders and then create a rule manually. It is quite troublesome. Thus, here we will share a much quicker method to get it via one click. Some users think the inbuilt "ant-spam" feature in Outlook is not as effective as they hope. Therefore, they are accustomed to creating Outlook rules to block the senders. Now, in the followings, we will introduce a quick method to...

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How to Batch Convert Multiple Notes to Emails in Your Outlook

Sometimes, you may want to batch create separate new emails with the contents of many Outlook notes. In this situation, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. To create a single email containing the contents of multiple contacts, you can just select the notes and drag and drop them to the "Mail" icon in navigation pane, as shown in the following image. However, if you'd like to convert multiple notes to separate emails, normally, you have to drag the notes one by one....

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How to Batch Export Multiple Contact Groups to Text Files in Your Outlook

When you intend to export multiple contact groups as separate text files, you will surely feel it troublesome to export these groups one by one by standard "Save As". Thus, in this article, we will teach you to use VBA to accomplish this task in one go. It is admittedly easy to batch export several contact groups as a single text file. You can just select the groups and go to "File" > "Save As". However, if you want to export multiple groups as separate text files, in general, by "Save...

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