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How to Apply a Custom Ribbon to a Form or Report in Access

Here we understand the steps of applying a custom ribbon to a form or report in MS Access. The reports or forms that we use in MS Access are customized to a large extent so that they work well with the kind of database we have. And to make these objects even more relevant to your database, you can add to them customized ribbons as well. These ribbons make use of declarative XML markup that is text-based and is used for simplifying the process of creating and adding customizations to the...

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How to Hide the Ribbon when You Launch MS Access

In this article, we learn the process of using USysRibbons Table for creating customized ribbon and the applying it while launching Access. Having Ribbons in your MS Access application helps greatly when you need to make use of all the tabs that are present on the ribbon. But at times there can be situations when you need to prevent the tabs on the ribbon from appearing at the time of launching the application. The process of hiding the ribbon or loading one without any tabs has not been...

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3 Interesting Facts about Null Values in Access that You May Have Overlooked

In this article, we look at the 3 most commonly overlooked facts about Null values. Nulls in MS Access form one of those tricky concepts that even a lot of Access experts have problems dealing with. Understanding Nulls is not a problem if you understand what are ‘not nulls’. That is an easier approach to understanding them. So instead of trying to focus on what are Nulls, you should focus on what nulls are not. But for those who are still looking for a conventional answer, you can...

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