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A Quick Lowdown on Affinity Masks in SQL Server

This article explains all key points of CPU Affinity Masks in SQL Server.   To make the process of multi-tasking easier, Microsoft Windows often makes a shift in the process threads belonging to different processors.  This can help when looked from a point of view of the operating system, but this can also lag the performance of the application when there is a heavy load on the system. As the processor cache for each process will be reloaded along with the data. The performance...

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How Snapshot Replication Works in MS SQL Server

This article explains the snapshot process by going into the details of its working. Snapshot replication in SQL Server comes handy when you wish to share your database exactly the way it is right now, not focusing on any of the updates that would be made in it. Snapshot replication feature of SQL Server helps users to share data the way it appears in the current moment to the subscribers. It is important to note that although the snapshot replication process can be used in isolation, it...

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How On-demand Analytics Service Works with Azure Data Lake

This article addresses how on-demand analytics service works with Azure Data Lake. Azure Data Lake is an analytics service, which aims at easing big data analytics into a simpler avatar. This allows organizations to focus on managing, running and writing jobs instead of operating on a distributed infrastructure. Users use queries to extract valuable insights and transform their data, instead of configuring or deploying or tuning their hardware. This on-demand service can be used for...

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