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In this article, we talk about how running SQL Server on Windows Server 2016 can be beneficial for the users.

Have you ever witnessed a hybrid tree comprising of different species of leaves and fruits? These trees have fruits like oranges, lemons, apples, peaches, and plums all growing on them at the same time. The grower gets the benefit of living in a consistent environment while selecting the desired fruit they need, without spending loads of time and investment in specialized plants.

Here, these hybrid tree fruits can be seen has Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Azure and SQL Server, all working on the same platform, Microsoft, which allows the user to hyperlink and run their data seamlessly on-premises in a strictly cloud-based or hybrid environment. Users can select any environment they like, and can still move from one environment to another whenever they need to. Using 2016 Windows Server and 2016 SQL Server together, users can move their data safely to cloud while making backups on their other on-premises virtual machines.  Key Benefits Of Running SQL Server On Windows Server 2016

Key Benefits of Running SQL Server on Windows Server 2016

1. Free Migration Tools

By using SQL Server on a Windows Server 2016, users will be able to obtain free cloud and hybrid solution using SQL Azure Wizard. These free migration tools are designed to offer easy migration to Windows Server to different virtual machines in the cloud.

Users can create and manage backups, recover or migrate data and also limit previews while allocating applications, migrating existing workloads, and downsizing datacenters of their databases into the virtual clouds.

2. SQL License Mobility and Hybrid Use of Azure

Microsoft has designed its modules licensing in a way that users can deploy and cost-effectively take benefit of all the services offered to them.

  • SQL Server Customers who have an active Software Assurance can use their license on Azure Virtual Machines for free for their SQL Server Licensing.
  • Users can also use License Mobility which allows them to move SQL Database to cloud using the existing license agreement with an Active Software Assurance.
  • Users with Windows Server can also save over 40%, by using their on-premises licenses to transfer or import their database or workload to Azure VM.

3. 2016 Windows and SQL Server: Designed for Hybrid Cloud

Windows Server 2016Microsoft is known for coming up with innovative features, so that users don’t have to look at other companies or brands to purchase add-ins, to get the advantage of cloud security features, or to operate easily while having consistency across the cloud and all on-premises. Together both these software can bear fruit for your company. Not only can users save money and their resources while using both these software together, they can also assure data protection by limiting the usage of a different application.

4. SQL Server + Window = Better Security, Flexibility, and Performance

By running Windows 2016 and SQL Server 2016 together users can unlock the full potential of operating and managing Microsoft data platform. Both these software are designed with a similar set of interface and hybrid technology which makes most of their features unified. They also exude better compatibility which automatically results in better performance and flexibility, while ensuring to keep your databases safe and reduces incidents of SQL Server corruption.

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Victor Simon is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including repair mdb and sql recovery software products. For more information visit https://www.datanumen.com/

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The article sheds light on the benefits from Machine learning services which were introduced in SQL Server 2017.

SQL Server 2017 is now generally available with users, they can use Machine Learning Services for production purposes. Machine Learning services are basically newly branded ‘R-Services’. So SQL Server now uses three data science languages which enable users to use the AI & ML packages from open source database. Thus SQL server emerges out as the best commercial Database with built in AI.Key Practical Benefits In Database Machine Learning Services Introduced In SQL Server 2017

The other benefitting features could include elimination of data movement, enhanced security, better performance, ease of deployment and better scale. These factors make SQL server an essential platform and users utilize its services in many fields like financial banking models, pricing optimizations models, analytical solutions and real estate insights, enhanced and accurate target marketing, etc.

1. Python Integration

Machine Learning Services in SQL server supports in-database Python and thus it attracts the large chunk of python developers & ML practitioners as they can now use both SQL Server as well as Python code. Since the latest innovations from Microsoft like revoscalepy and microsoftml libraries created an open source ecosystem for SQL Server developers to access AI libraries and extensive Python ML. It’s now easier to develop intelligent and efficient apps with insightful in-database analytics.

In general, SQL Python integration is not merely limited to providing AI solutions and Machine learning but also useful for extensive data analysis using the combination of Python and SQL in effective ways.

2. R Package Management

R Package management has been considerably improved for SQL Server. R package has a vibrant community with more than a thousand open-source packages. Using the rich set of R functions for package management, users can install/uninstall and control packages through various roles. To install R packages on SQL servers, one can use TSQL Commands from Create External Library.

3. Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning ServicesSince the SQL server 2017 was made available on multiple platforms, Microsoft also made the Machine learning Server generally available. It’s underlying software integrated with SQL Server and is called Machine learning services. Basically, it is the newly transformed Microsoft R server with a better and more flexible platform which offers its users the choice of Python language and R . Together, they can be used for creating algorithmic innovations from Microsoft as well as Open Source platforms.

Customers can thus create interactive and portable models without depending on Data’s location and can run operations on models on SQL server and other platforms. It makes the process easy and effective for business applications. There are majorly two algorithmic innovations of Machine Servers which are as follows-

  1. Revoscalepy – It has the MS’s Parallel External Memory Algorithms and a set of APIs for ETL.
  2. microsoftml – It is a set of ML algorithms and also contains trained models which can extract features from pictures.

SQL’s Machine learning Services are available in all of the SQL Server 2017 editions on windows and users can download these from the developer or free express editions.  Despite its array of advances, the 2017 iteration still remains vulnerable to incidents of data corruption and companies need to prepare themselves do deal with corrupt SQL Server files.

Author Introduction:

Victor Simon is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including fix Access and sql recovery software products. For more information visit https://www.datanumen.com/

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This article explains the importance of Database security and provides useful tips to ensure protection against threats and data thefts.

Obviously the utmost security of your database is of paramount importance but users should equally be aware of the internal and external threats. Without understanding the nature of data theft, it’s pointless to discuss the security methods. Having a well trained naval force in a desert warfare is not really going to be very helpful. Users have to understand and define the threats from which you want to protect your system.

So the first step is to define the parameters of the security measures that you wish to take. Every organization has different needs and requirements and thus different approaches of security.5 SQL Server Security Tips That Database And Application Development Teams Need To Keep In Mind

Here are a few tips which can help you in securing your database and application development.

Regulating permissions of Users view Definitions

SQL Server Security TipsMost of the applications these days are web based and are hence more vulnerable to hacking and data manipulation. Hackers usually enter different entries in your web-forms and analyze the result to understand your work environment. It is only possible when you permit users the view definitions to see the stored procedures and table definitions.

Such information can lead to a big hack and huge data loss so it’s recommended to never allow this kind of permissions on user accounts especially in a web based application.

Use Multi accounts to run SQL Server Instances

If by chance someone gets access to your password of your main service account then your entire database and kingdom becomes vulnerable to data theft. Hacking could be external as well as internal and you might find some curious employees in your team lurking around to endanger the data. But if you try running SQL boxes with different accounts, then obviously you can minimize the potential damage.

Also, you should periodically change your passwords to enhance your own data security.

Restricting Apps that can pose a threat to SQL data

Protection is required from internal as well as external threats. So that’s why we allow specific apps to query our database so that we can keep an eye on our data queries and potential data theft. But in many cases, we do require the help of third party apps since SQL can’t handle everything on its own. However, you can also choose to write your own code to check the apps users are using.

Also, you should regularly query the processes on your server and never allow actions from unauthorized apps and also invest in a fix SQL Server tool.

Handle the Error Messages

Error messages can sometimes reveal useful information regarding your database structure and it’s usually a common case in web based apps. To protect your data, try to handle all the errors and show generic errors messages in return. This can help unnecessary SQL injection attacks.

Use xp_cmdshell wisely

Although xp_cmdshell comes disabled and has a bad reputation, still you can use this powerful and valuable tool to set permissions for other users. You can choose to lock it down but don’t ignore it completely if you don’t want to miss an excellent functional tool.

Author Introduction:

Victor Simon is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including repair accdb and sql recovery software products. For more information visit https://www.datanumen.com/

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