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What are Copy-Only Backups and How to Create Them with SQL Server Management Studio

In this article, we look at the non-traditional copy-only backups and explain the steps needed to create them with SSMS A copy-only backup can be defined as a form of SQL Server backup which is independent of the conventional sequence of SQL Server backups. Usually, using a backup can make significant changes in a database, that can affect how later backups would be restored. However, sometimes it can turn out to be really useful to use a backup without affecting the original documents or...

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What are Tail-Log Backups and When You May Need Them

In this article, we explain the concept of tail-log backups and check out the scenarios where they may be needed while using MS SQL Server Tail-Log Backups are used for capturing the log records for data, for which the user hasn’t created any back-ups to prevent the data from getting lost or deleted from the system and also to ensure that the log chain stays intact. It is recommended that the user backs-up his/her transaction log in its tail before starting a recovering program in his/her...

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8 Key Limitations of Stretch Databases that You Must Always Keep in Mind

In this article, we look at stretch enabled tables that one should be aware of including key constraints Stretch Database is a SQL Server feature which allows users to migrate cold data securely and transparently to Azure cloud. Users can even pause these migrations during connection errors, which help in easier transfer of data. Stretch Database directly targets transactional databases containing a large amount of cold data, which is usually stored in multiple tables in a database....

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