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4 Key Elements of Data Quality Services in SQL Server

The article sheds light on some key elements of SQL Server’s Data Quality Services. Data Quality Services, introduced in SQL Server 2012, are an exciting feature of SQL which helps users in improvement and maintenance of the data quality in your enterprise. Data Quality Services solved many problems that users faced in previous versions, like inconsistency, inaccuracy, duplicity and invalidity, etc. which further lead to wrong analytics results, data mining and reporting related problems....

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In-depth Understand of Vertical Partitioning in SQL Server

The article explains in depth the use of Vertical Partitioning in improving the performance and maximizing I/O operations on a SQL server. Vertical Partitioning in SQL Server, an important feature introduced in SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition, is often used to improve the Server’s performance in cases of large data in tables. When a query is used to retrieve all columns form a table that contains wide texts, vertical partitioning comes into picture. So basically vertical partitioning...

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6 Effective Tips to Protect Your SQL Server from Malicious Ransomware

The article explores the potential threats and ransomware issues which endanger the Data on SQL Server and provides a safety guide to overcome such threats. One of the biggest problems enterprises face these days is ransomware and the practical consequences of ransomware are severe. It is important to be conscious of such threats to maintain the security of the database and protect critical data of your organization from such malicious programs. One should implement a careful strategy to...

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