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How to Standardize the Texts in Your Spreadsheet with Excel VBA

We’ve all seen spreadsheet names and addresses with a mix of formats like JAMES JONES, sARAH bERNARDT or clint eastwood, all of which look amateurish on a report. This article shows how to standardise text in the proper way in a worksheet. This article assumes the reader has the Developer ribbon displayed and is familiar with the VBA Editor. If not, please Google “Excel Developer Tab” or “Excel Code Window”. The Excel file can be found here In this exercise we’ll build a...

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5 Ways to Quickly Remove Bullets and List Numbers from Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to demonstrate you 5 easy ways to remove the bullets and list numbers from your Word document. A document can contain bulleted and numbered lists. Sometimes, you may need to reformat these lists. For example, you might need to set list contents in bold, italic, or regular texts, to name just a few. Then you have to remove all the bullets and list numbers first. Here are 5 solutions to different cases. Method 1: Set “None” Bullets or Numbering ...

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5 Vital Preparation Steps before RAID Rebuild

When a hard drive fails in redundant array of independent disks (RAID), you’ll need to perform RAID rebuild. But, before rebuild, you’d better make some preparation. This article will tell you 5 vital preparation steps in detail. The redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is a popular and advanced data storage technology in the contemporary era. Via it, you are capable of connecting two or more hard drives in a single storage system with utmost ease. In this case, your system will...

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