Data Recovery

How to Copy Database Schemas without Data in SQL Server

Learn how to backup and restore database objects for a SQL Server databases, using DAC Package. When operating on a SQL Server database, there can be situations where you wish to copy a database in a given server to another server, with schema information only, and not the data. This can be done in multiple ways, a few of the basic ones include: Separate the script from the source database, and run it for a fresh, empty database, this can also be the target to copy the objects in source...

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3 Main Causes & Prevention Tips for Frequent Data Losses in Summer

In summer, there are many data loss cases taking place frequently. It usually occurs due to the extreme summer weather. This article will look at this issue and expose 3 main causes and according prevention tips for data losses in summer. According to relevant surveys, during summer months, there will be a significant increase in data loss cases. As we all know, in summer, temperature will rise and extreme weather, natural disasters will happen much more frequently, leading to overheating,...

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How to Auto Send an Outlook Email Notification when a Specific Excel Worksheet Is Updated

Every time when you update a specific Excel worksheet, if you always need to send an email notification to specific recipients, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. Some users ask for a solution to let MS Excel automatically send an Outlook email notification to specific persons every time when they update a specific worksheet, in that they often forget to send such an email. Now, in the followings, we’ll guide how to achieve this function with VBA code. Auto Send an...

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