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How to Quickly Customize the Default Phone Number Fields for Outlook Contacts

In Outlook, the default phone number fields for contacts are “Business”, “Home”, “Business Fax” and “Mobile”. If you want to customize them, you can use the method introduced in this article. Many users dislike the default phone number fields for contacts - “Business”, “Home”, “Business Fax” and “Mobile”. For example, they seldom fill in the “Business Fax” field. Hence, they hope to customize the phone number fields for contacts. Hence, here we will...

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2 Methods to Batch Attach All Contacts in a Specific Color Category to an Outlook Email

Some users ask for a quick solution to quickly find out all the contacts in a specific color category and then attach them to a new Outlook mail. Now, in this article, we will introduce 2 approaches. At times, you may need to send specific contacts to someone else via email. For instance, you’ve color categorized your contacts. Thus, you want to quickly attach all the contacts in a specific color category to an email. Looking at this issue, here we will share you 2 means with you. You can...

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How to Integrate SQL Server Source Control with SSMS

This article discusses the ways in which developers can integrate SQL source control with SSMS If you are working as MSSQL DBA or developer for any organization, you might have come across the challenge of integrating the source code with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This article will discuss the solution to the problem in detail. Add Source Control Plug in to SSMS You need a good Source Control system for business; one good example is Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012, and...

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