Data Recovery

How to Assign and Change Default Permissions in MS Access

This article addresses an effective method using which users can learn to Assign Default Permissions and Change Them in MS Access. By Assigning default permission on their databases, users can limit and manage the accessibility of their resources. Restricting permission also helps in making your database more secure and manageable. The user can assign permission based on different groups or departments in the company, rather than assigning permission to each user for every object...

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Is It Necessary to Copy the Recovery Partition to Other Storage Device?

Recovery partition is of great importance in that it contains information for system recovery. Some users who realize its significance are wondering if it's essential to copy it to other storage device. This post will discuss about this question in depth. Have you ever encountered system crash or corruption? Generally, in such cases, you have to choose either restoring or reinstalling system. In reality, this task can become considerably simple if there is a recovery partition in the...

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5 Things You Must Beware of when Converting External Hard Drive into Internal One

If you intend to convert your external hard drive into an internal one, you have to pay special attention to some things to avoid unexpected damages or faults. In this article, we will list out 5 of them and introduce them in detail. For example, the internal hard drive has reached its lifespan or has been corrupt. Thereby, you want to replace it with another drive. Fortunately, it just so happens that you have a fine external hard drive nearby. In this scenario, you must want to directly...

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