Data Recovery

2 Methods to Batch Change Multiple Hyperlinks’ Addresses in Your Outlook Email

For some reasons, you've inserted multiple hyperlinks to texts in your Outlook email. And some of them are linked to the same address. If you would like to batch change these hyperlinks' addresses, you can use the methods introduced in this article. For instance, you have composed an Outlook email, which has a lot of hyperlinks in the message body. Yet, afterwards, you discovered that an address is wrong. And many hyperlinks are using this address. Therefore, you need to batch change these...

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How to Summarize Data in MS Access using Crosstab Query

Here we learn about the use of Crosstab Queries in MS Access, and how to create them. When you are working on Access databases, and need a summary that looks more like an Excel spreadsheet, you might want to try using the Crosstab Query. Just like an Aggregate Query gives you an aggregate of certain fields, a Crosstab Query can give you a comprehensive summary of certain fields. Plus an Aggregate query can be used when you are looking for one final number, the function of Crosstab query is...

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7 Main Causes & Solutions for Head Failures in Hard Drive

Heads in a hard drive are pretty important in that they are responsible for reading and writing data to the drive platter. Hence, if heads fail, the hard drive will stop working absolutely. This article will tell you 7 causes & solutions for head failures. Hard drive is a crucial component of hard drive at the end of the actuator arm, hovering above the spinning platter. It is responsible for data read/write. Hence, it's terrible and catastrophic if the hard drive heads crash or fail. At...

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