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How to Quickly Invoke Mail Merge from MS Access

Using this article reader can learn to invoke Mail Merge from MS access effectively in quick time. Users can create and print form letters in Microsoft Word using Mail Merge. For example, Employment Contracts, which have fixed employment terms, with changing personal details of the employees like their name, allowance, and contract period etc. which can go on for several pages. Normally the document needs to be pre-printed where the employees’ details can be printed or hand written. But...

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A Deep Insight into Scratched Platters in Hard Drive

Hard drive platters are storing data. Hence, it can be catastrophic if something bad occurs to the platters. Now, in this article, we'll probe into scratched drive platters. The platters are one of the most crucial components in a hard disk drive (HDD). From the perspective of appearance, they are like CDs/DVDs. Yet, they're smaller and more complicated in many respects. They're exactly magnetic storage media, where the data is actually stored in hard drive. Therefore, as long as...

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How to Batch Clear All Color Categories in All Outlook Items

For some purposes, you want to start using color categories from scratch in your Outlook. Therefore, you would like to clear all color categories in all Outlook items. In this article, we will introduce an efficient means to get it. For example, in order to rebuild color categories, you delete all the existing color categories in your Outlook. But, after deletion, you may find that these categories are still attached to the Outlook items. The only change is that the categories lose their...

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