Data Recovery

7 Main Causes & Solutions for Head Failures in Hard Drive

Heads in a hard drive are pretty important in that they are responsible for reading and writing data to the drive platter. Hence, if heads fail, the hard drive will stop working absolutely. This article will tell you 7 causes & solutions for head failures. Hard drive is a crucial component of hard drive at the end of the actuator arm, hovering above the spinning platter. It is responsible for data read/write. Hence, it's terrible and catastrophic if the hard drive heads crash or fail. At...

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How to Batch Add Multiple Folders to “Favorites” Section in Your Outlook

Outlook doesn't provide any functions to add multiple folders to "Favorites" section in bulk. If you need to do this, you can refer to this article. Here we'll introduce a much more efficient method. If you need to frequently access some folders in your Outlook, you can add these folders to "Favorites" section. It can help you escape from locating these folders among a great number of folders. To add a single folder to "Favorites" section, you can use either of the two ways introduced in the...

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How to Quickly Copy All Email Addresses Occurring in Body to “CC” Field When Composing an Outlook Email

Sometimes, when you compose an email, you may want to CC this mail to the email addresses in the message body. This article will guide you to get it in quick time. For instance, someone ask you for some persons' contact information, such as the email addresses. In this case, you may wish to let these persons know this matter when sending their contact information to others. Hence, you would like to copy the email addresses from message body to "CC" field. In general, you have to do it one by...

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