3 Methods to Change the Comment Text Style in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we are delighted to show you 3 methods to change the comment text style in your Word document.

As always, Word has default style for comments. And there is a huge possibility that you don’t like it. As a result, it would be nice to be able to change the comment style in your document. You can read on to see our 3 methods bellow.

Method 1: Use Shortcuts

  1. To begin with, put insertion pointer at the start of the first comment text.
  2. Next press “Ctrl+ Shift+ End”. You will see all comment texts are in selection then.
  3. Then go to change the formatting as you like.Press "Ctrl+ Shift+ End" to select all comment texts->Change comment style

Method 2: Modify “Comment Text” Style

  1. At first, click “Home” tab.
  2. Then click “Styles” button to open the same name window.Click "Home" ->Click "Styles"
  3. Next click the “Options” on the bottom of the window to open the “Style Pane Options” dialog box.
  4. Choose “All styles” to show and click “OK” there.Choose "All styles"->Click "OK"
  5. Next all styles shall show in the “Styles” window. Go to find “Comment Text” and move cursor over it.
  6. When you see the upside-down triangle button on the style name, click it.
  7. And choose “Modify”.Click "Modify"
  8. Now in “Modify Style” box, change the style formatting and click “OK” to save the change.Change Formatting->Click "OK"

By the way, we can’t use method 2 unless comment texts are in the default “Comment Text” style. If you have altered the text style before, you will have to resort to method 1 or method 3 in the coming contents.

Method 3: Change the Comment Text Style via VBA

  1. First and foremost, bring out the VBA editor by pressing “Alt+ F11”.
  2. Secondly, click “Normal”.
  3. Under the “Normal” project, click “Insert” tab.
  4. Then choose “Module” on the drop-down menu.Click "Normal"->Click "Insert"->Click "Module"
  5. Now double click on the newly inserted module to open the editing area on the right.
  6. There you should paste the following codes:
Sub SetCommentTextStyle()
  Dim objComment As Comment
  Dim objDoc As Document
  Dim strFontName As String
  Dim strFontSize As String
  Set objDoc = ActiveDocument
  strFontName = InputBox("Enter text font name here: ", "Font name")
  strFontSize = InputBox("Enter font size here: ", "Font size")
  With objDoc
    For Each objComment In .Comments
      objComment.Range.Font.Name = strFontName
      objComment.Range.Font.Size = strFontSize
    Next objComment
  End With
End Sub
  1. Next click “Run”.Paste codes->Click "Run"
  2. Now enter a font type in the first box popping up and click “OK”.Enter new font name->Click "OK"
  3. Then enter a font size in the second one and click “OK”, too.Enter font size->Click "OK"

Comparison of 3 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Method 1: Use Shortcuts The quickest way 1.         It can be hard to precisely put insertion pointer right at the start of comment text since the balloon size is not that large.

2.         You have to remember the shortcuts.

Method 2: Modify “Comment Text” Style 1.         You can save the modified style for future documents.

2.         No need to select all comment texts manually.

1.         To use this method, the original comment texts shall take the default “Comment Text” style. Otherwise the modified style cannot be applied to comment texts.

2.         comparative more steps

Method 3: Change the Comment Text Style via VBA 1.         No need to select all comment texts manually

2.         Fewer steps

Affect only the current document.

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