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How to Auto Show “Time Zones” Option When Creating a New Appointment in Outlook

When creating a new appointment, if you need to change the time zone, you have to firstly show "Time Zones" option by manually clicking the "Time Zones" button in ribbon. But, by the means in this article, we will teach you to let Outlook auto show this option. By default, when you create a new appointment, the "Time Zones" option is not auto displayed. If you want to change the time zone, you have to manually click the "Time Zones" button in "Options" group on the "Appointment" tab, as...

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How to Quickly Attach Selected Cells in an Excel Worksheet as PDF File to an Outlook Email

Some users frequently need to extract the selected cells in an Excel worksheet to a PDF file and then send out this PDF file via Outlook email to someone. Thus, here we will introduce you a method to quickly get it. In the previous article – "2 Methods to Quickly Send Selected Cells in an Excel Worksheet as an Outlook Email", you can learn how to quickly copy and paste the selected cells to the body of Outlook email. Similar to that, many users would like to send the selected cells as a...

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How to Auto Assign a Specific Color Category to a Meeting after Accepting It in Outlook

Many users wish Outlook to auto assign a specific color category to a meeting when they accept it. At present, this article will expose a piece of VBA code to achieve it with effortless ease. To classify and highlight the accept meetings in the Outlook calendar, you may be used to assigning a specific color category to such meetings. In comparison with manually category assignment, which is a bit troublesome, you must prefer to let Outlook auto accomplish it. Therefore, in the followings, we...

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