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How to Solve Problems with PDF Files

Posted October 27, 2013 By AuthorCCW

As the name implies, the Portable Document Format file (PDF) is an amazingly versatile cross-browser, cross-operating system file format that can be used to present anything from simple documents to complex reports, images and more.  There are countless document authoring systems that have the File->Save As->PDF option included. PDF files are particularly web-friendly and travel well as attachments to email.

The downside of PDF files is that you either need to have access to PDF file editing software or the original source document if you want to make changes to the PDF once it is created.  The other potential downside is that, like every other type of digital file, PDF files are subject to becoming corrupted.  All it takes is a dead spot on your hard drive, a quick power surge, a virus attack, or even attempting to edit a PDF file in the wrong software and your PDF file is no longer usable.

Symptoms of a Corrupted PDF File:

  • Failure to open
  • PDF file opens but content is garbled
  • PDF file only partially opens

Regardless of which symptom you experience, the end result is the same. You have to recreate the PDF from the source document.

But what if you no longer have access to the source document? Or what if the PDF file IS the source document? Well, in that case, things get a bit more complicated, but maybe not disastrous. Read on to learn what you can do.

The Anatomy of a PDF File

Like all digital files, PDF documents follow a strict file format structure. Every file type has a different structure and it is those structures that tell software how to handle the file and how to render the document correctly to the screen. For example, Word documents have a particular format that is read and interpreted by Microsoft Word® and other compatible word processors.  PDF readers and editors expect to find the correct file format in order to handle the file you are trying to display.

PDF files start out with what is called a header. This header identifies the document as a PDF to whatever software is trying to open it. Then there are a series of numbers called a “magic number” followed by the body of the document. The body contains links to each of the blocks of content that make up the document. Should any of these internal file parts become damaged, the PDF is useless. Or is it?

PDF Repair is Possible

Because the PDF file follows a strict format, it is often, but not always, possible to identify the corrupted file segment and repair it. This requires special software that is designed to analyze the file, find the error, and make the repair. When the software has successfully completed its task, you have a fully functional PDF file and your problem is solved. DataNumen PDF Repair(DPDFR) is one recovery program that has been successfully used to restore damaged PDF files. It is an inexpensive solution to what could be a very expensive problem.


About The Author

Alan Chen is President and Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., the world leader in data recovery technologies, including PFD repair and Word recovery software products. For more information, visit https://www.datanumen.com/.

The Portable Document Format or PDF file are probably one of the most widely used formats as they have many advantages over other formats especially when it comes to document fidelity and managing important data. Nevertheless there are times when a user requires the information stored in the PDF files in formats other than PDF. It is helpful to understand why converting PDF files to other formats might be helpful.

With increasing globalization businesses today face a major challenge in sharing and exchanging documents that contain business-critical information. Not only do they have to manage large amounts of information but they also have to worry about protecting the security and confidentiality of these documents. The Portable Document Format (PDF) not only addressed both these concerns but also provided many other benefits making it more or less the de facto standard for sharing and managing online documents and forms today. This is the main reason why one can find more than 20 million PDF files on the Internet today. Further with close to 1800 vendors offering solutions that are PDF-based along with solutions for PDF backup, PDF repair and so on, one can be assured that this file format will be maintained even in the future.

Anyone who has worked with PDF files will be well aware of the benefits it offers. One can include both text and images along with charts and tables. Further, even if the size of the graphics or animations that are being included are large, since PDF has a wonderful compression algorithm, the final product will be fairly light and small in size. This makes the PDF file highly portable. PDF files are some of the most secure documents to be found on the Web. They are not easily infected by viruses such as Trojans or vulnerable to other malicious attacks. One can provide extra security to the files by encrypting them so that they cannot be altered or copied by any unauthorized person. PDF files also make it easy to search for specific information in a document. By allowing for links to be inserted in the PDF files, users can quickly go to the page or section that they are interested in. With the increasing popularity of the PDF files, vendors are also coming up with specialized tools that help with PDF repair in the rare event that the file does become corrupted or damaged.

One such specialized set of tools that vendors are now providing are PDF converter tools. Very often, PDF files are sent to persons who are required to edit the document or update the information. Not all users have the software necessary to edit a PDF file or may be familiar with using it. They may prefer to use a word processor that they are already familiar with and this requires converting the PDF file to another format such as Word. By converting PDF files to Word, a user can easily make the required changes and then save the file in a PDF format. This allows the user to work with the PDF files easily and quickly. Even if there is any corruption in the PDF file during conversion, PDF repair tools such as DataNumen PDF Repair from DataNumen can restore almost all the data from the file without any hassles. This tool for instance uses highly sophisticated technologies to scan the damaged PDF file and recover as much data as possible from the file.

Can PDF Turn the Idea of a Paperless Office Into Reality?

Posted September 1, 2010 By AuthorCCW

With the increasing popularity of PDF files not just on the Internet but also in sharing and transferring information within the office, the idea of having a paperless office may finally be turning into a reality. Our article looks at the advantages of a paperless office and how PDF files prove helpful in the process.

For many of us who have always worked with papers in our workplace, the idea of having a paperless office may be shocking not to mention unrealistic. However, unknowingly though it maybe, we have all become part of the process to reduce the amount of paper that is being used in office nowadays. By using documents to share information and email to transfer the information, we are transferring more and more data from paper to electronic documents. In this context, PDF files are proving to be the most popular standard for storing and managing this information. They offer perfect document fidelity, are secure, easy to share and it is very easy to repair PDF files if they do get corrupted.

Let us first understand what the advantages of a paperless office are –

  • Instead of having people file documents in the traditional way by using hard copy files, it is a lot easier and cheaper to file PDF files on the computer.
  • All the hard files have to be stored in an easily accessible place and the number of files is only going to keep increasing. PDF files do not require physical storage and external storage devices now make archiving a lot easier.
  • Not using paper will lead to reduced destruction of trees and go a long way in saving our environment.
  • Advanced repair tools developed by vendors, such as DataNumen PDF Repair from DataNumen make it easy to repair PDF files if they are suspected of damage due to software or hardware failures as well as if they are corrupted due to virus or other malicious attacks.
  • If you take regular backups of your files and ensure that they are stored in multiple locations, even if there is any accident such as a fire, natural disaster such as earthquakes or if your office gets vandalized, you can stay rest assured that all your PDF files and the information contained in them will be safe.
  • PDF files have different security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized persons can access the files, print them, copy them or make any changes in them.
  • Finally, and most importantly, it is very easy to search through a large amount of data contained in the PDF files and find any specific information that the user is looking for. Compare this with the time that it would take for a person to sort through, search and then find the information needed in hard files.

There is no doubt that the traditional way of filing paper documents in hard files was inefficient, more expensive in terms of the space it took to store them, expensive in terms of the staff that was needed to manage them and expensive to store for a long term. On the other hand, it is easy to convert any paper document into a PDF file by simply scanning and storing it or by converting any electronic document into a PDF file. These will make any office more efficient and by keeping a copy of DataNumen PDF Repair handy, one can quickly repair PDF files, ensuring that all the information stays protected.