File Recovery

3 Easy Ways to Recover a Corrupted Word Document

If your Word program crashes before you properly save the file, your data can be corrupted. You need to take steps to recover as much data as you can from the corrupted file. There are repair tools provided by Microsoft Word but you should also consider a data recovery program. There are few computing problems more frustrating than a corrupted Microsoft Word document. Since many of us use Microsoft Word to create a variety of important files and store important data, not being able to...

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Can ZIP Files Get Corrupted? What to Do If You Can’t Open a Zip File

ZIP files are a convenient and secure way by which you can transmit large files over the internet. However, these files can get corrupted during the transfer process. In order to prevent this, you should invest in a good data recovery program for ZIP files. 1. Introduction ZIP files are often used by businesses to transfer content from one entity to another. Instead of sending many smaller files attached to an e-mail or contained in a storage device, they can just compress several files...

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How to Retrieve Outlook Emails from Crashed Computers

Computer crashes are a common cause of data loss, including Outlook Emails and data. This article shows you how to retrieve such data from a local drive and disks directly. Losing all the contacts, emails, appointments, tasks, notes, and journals that you had in your Microsoft Outlook can put you in a bad situation. It takes you a step backward and limits how you deal with your personal and business needs. For example, if you run a business, losing your clients' emails breaks down...

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