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When Is It Necessary to Upgrade a Hard Drive?

Are you confused about whether it’s time to upgrade your hard drive? This article will focus on this issue and tell you when it is necessary to upgrade your hard drive. With the development of data storage industry, diverse data storage media are emerging. As we all know, in the past, the mechanical hard drive was always the first option in terms of data storage. Also, in the earlier times, the drive storage capacity is limited. At present, in recent years, solid state drive is becoming...

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4 Effective Methods to Exclude Header Rows while Sorting the Contents of a Word Table

In today’s post, we will provide you with 4 effective methods to exclude header rows while sorting the contents of a Word table. In Word, we prefer to use table to hold all kinds of data. Most of time, we are dealing with numbers. Then inevitably, sorting data will be one of our daily tasks. However, when doing this, you must aware that if your table contains one or more header rows. If it does, you need to pay a bit more attention. Here are 4 ways to sort in a table. Method 1: Sort...

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5 Ways to Vertically Align Superscript and Subscript in the Same Column in Word Document

In this article, we will offer you 5 ways to vertically align superscript and subscript in the Same Column in Word Document. Generally, if you attach both superscript and subscript to the same text, the script texts will not be aligned in the same vertical line. This will certainly affect the artistic result of your document. Therefore, we must do something to vertically align both script texts. Following are 5 effectual tactics you can utilize to get what you expect. Method 1: Insert...

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