File Recovery

2 Methods to Safely Erase a Hard Drive on Mac System

At times, you will need to erase a hard drive for some reasons. In this process, any improper operations can destroy the hard drive. Now, in this article, we will expose 2 ways to safely erase a hard drive on Mac. Before you give an old hard drive to someone else or take it to be recycled, you’d better erase this drive. As we all know, erasing a hard drive will clear all the data on this hard drive. Therefore, in this way, you will not be worried about your data being leaked. Some users...

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How to Batch Close All Outlook PST Files at Once in Your Outlook

If you have opened multiple Outlook PST files in your Outlook and now you wish to close all of them in bulk, you can refer to this article. Here we will teach you a quick method to accomplish it in one go. In my previous article – “How to Batch Open Multiple Outlook PST Files at Once in Your Outlook”, I’ve introduced a smart way to open many Outlook PST files in one go. Similar to that, many users ask for a solution to bulk close all Outlook PST files. Therefore, we will expose such...

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How to Batch Move Emails from All Subfolders of One Folder to Another Folder in Outlook

Perhaps you have a folder under which there are numerous subfolders. If you would like to reorganize the emails in them, such as quickly moving all emails from these subfolders to a specific folder, you can use the way shared in this article. At times, you may need to batch move the emails from all subfolders of one folder to another folder for some reasons, like you want to re-classify emails, so these subfolders aren’t useful any longer. In this case, processing these subfolders one by...

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