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How to Auto Move Incoming Meetings to a Specific Outlook Calendar

You may be used to separating incoming meetings from the appointments created by yourself. In this situation, you will long for a way that can auto move incoming meetings to a specific calendar. This article will show you such a smart method. By default, Outlook will auto store incoming meetings in the default calendar. But, many users prefer to store meetings separately, not mixed up with the common appointments. Hence, they are eager to let Outlook auto move incoming meetings to a...

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How to Auto Apply the Categories of an Email to All Its Replies and Forwards in Outlook

When replying or forwarding an email, you may want to apply the same categories. In this article, we will teach you to realize this with VBA code. If you are accustomed to assigning the same color categories of original email to all of its replies and forwards, why don't you let Outlook auto achieve this? Even though Outlook does not provide such a direct feature, you still can get it with the help of VBA code. In the followings, we will expose the detailed steps and code to you. Auto...

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How to Locate and Delete Access Web Apps by Using the SharePoint Access App Scanner

In this article, we discuss how you can make use of the all-new SharePoint Access App scanner to find and remove Access web apps in your system. The sole purpose of SharePoint Access Scanner is to locate and report the presence of all Access apps in your tenant. There are several Access apps, which are being retired and Microsoft wants to prevent users from adding or running any new apps with your system. With the help of the data that is generated through this scanner, users can come up...

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